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Welcome to the Home of the Colts!

Parents and Guests:

Welcome to Ruth Fisher Elementary School, the home of the Colts! As we have turned the corner on the summer and now ready ourselves and kids for return, the air is filled with much anticipation. Both students and staff are chomping at the bit to get this fantastic year going!

Our site is ready to welcome not only the dozens of brand new kindergartners, but also older students whose journey has allowed them to grace our campus. Likewise, we are truly overjoyed not only at the staff members who have returned to serve Ruth Fisher Elementary, but also the new staff members who have come from Iowa, California, and eastern Arizona to name just a few. Collectively we look to impact students and tap those high levels of achievement.

Parents, I encourage you to visit our “parents” link wherein you will find the current supply list. This will allow you see what your respective children will need for their classes. Individual teachers may have some additional items or lesser items, however this is a good place to start as you look to ready your children for their best year ever.

Lastly, our meet the teacher night is coming up on Tuesday, August 2, 2016, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Come out and get to know the difference-makers that are looking forward to serving your son or daughter this year. Bring your wallet because Kona Ice will be on site selling Hawaiian shaved ice starting at $4.00. Come and enjoy, and hope to see you here!

Best Regards,

Rene Molina

Rene Molina