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Welcome to the Home of the Colts!

Parents and Guests:

Our 2015-2016 school year is off to a great start and our Colts are off in a full gallop! Those crucial first days are full with changes and transitions as our students and staff learn new faces, names, schedules, and content, but our kids are adjusting well.

Our PTO recently put on our best ever ice cream social! We had over 300 guests come out to enjoy ice cream, socialize, and play board games. Likewise, we began our girls volleyball season and are looking forward to a promising year with our new coaching staff, Ms. Andersson and Ms. Ruiz. We hope you can come on out and support the team during our home games. You can view our schedule through the Athletics page or the Calendar page.

As many of you discovered during the extended day, our kids might need a little more extra energy to get them through the day. We encourage you to send your student with an extra snack for her/him to eat in the afternoon. We prefer the snacks to be either a dry or solid snack as opposed to a liquid (pudding/yogurt/etc.) to minimize any spill potential. For those of you with means, we encourage and appreciate any donations of nonperishable snacks to the classroom.

Thank you for visiting our site and please contact us any time. We are on our way and ask you to join us in this passionate pursuit of excellence! Go Colts!


Rene Molina

Rene Molina